We invite a competition of ideas for the local producers, specialists (marketing etc.) for the development of the individual products and involve the results in the plan of ideas.
The Partners make situation analysis with the involvement of external service providers about the tiny wonders of the region and it make the basis of the development of touristic products.
The aim of the study is to botanically survey the hayfields and gallery forests at the border, taking into account of the existing gardens (orchards, vineyards), of the parks, getting familiar with the intentions of the owners of certain areas by adapting the landscape value inventory used in the program “Mesés Hetés” with the European Landscape award in 2016. The study will facilitate, on the one hand, elaboration of the different sub-topics within the topic of garden, and the possibility of developing new packages besides the products named in the framework of joint SI-HU development (e.g. packages and events made for apple, grape).
1 complex study will be made in the framework of the products fragrant elderberry, healing buckwheat, flowers of forest and meadow, orchids and fairy products) and it will include the data collection and its results for the utilization of the individual products (the fruit of elderberry, buckwheat, herbs, orchids and fairy garden), as well as the ideas for the certain products and the proposal for an unique souvenir. The aim of the marketing strategy – based on the product ideas (5 products) is the development of related touristic programs and proposals for product packages, sales channels, and marketing concept in connection with the unique souvenirs.