About the project

About the project

In the field of the development of the GardEN project there are many characteristics in the region between Moravske T. and Lenti meaning a touristic magnet, which would create after development into a product, an appropriate offer matching the trends of the today’s slow tourism. The touristic potential involved in these tiny wonders is not utilized now, no close cooperation has been developed between the two towns, although both individually mean an important attraction, that would allow for providing a more even attractive offer on the market and ensure sustainable touristic development together with increasing the number of the visitors.

The target of the project is growing of the attraction of the rural region between Moravske T. and Lenti by means of cross-border integration of the sustainable touristic offer, with focus on the protection of cultural and natural heritage, development of the products and services of less developed rural areas connected to the touristic agglomeration and by preparing innovative touristic program packages.

As a result of the realized activities we are developing the region based on the tiny wonders, flowers and gardens, and energies as local features. In the topic of garden 5 products make the basis of the product package (fragrant and healing elderberry, healing buckwheat, snowflake, fairy garden and orchids) Product package introduction events of 5 products and product packages will be organized 2-2- times; five types of leaflets including pieces of advice and recipes will be prepared. In the topic of energy the cycling trail connecting the energy parks will be established. We promote joint product development, strengthening of cooperation by means of establishing the service network making the basis of sustainability, active involvement of the concerned in the fulfilment, practical demonstration and elaboration of the methodological materials. In regional aspect novelty is included in cooperation between the two settlements, while in content holistic, life-style-centred approach of the development based on the features of the region is the key point and it is added with topics not yet developed.

The bases of sustainable touristic development are existing in the region of Lenti and Moravske Toplice: the natural specificities, biodiversity, proximity to the border, access and the features of the tourist infrastructure (e.g. accommodation, services, cycle trails, sport grounds.) The settlements have been separated from others for years, so no development could have been implemented, and as a result the ancient fruit-gardens, flowery meadows, wild herbs could survive which can mean a green touristic wonder for the whole region. As a counter pole of the modern, accelerated world and fast-paced lifestyle the interest in slowing down is ever increasing and it manifests itself in tourism, through adventure- and slow tourism.

The relevance of the demand for the popular slow tourism in the international trends is demonstrated through the different kinds of tourism. The main point is that the visitor lives the time spent at the given place, acquires experience by learning the local cultural and natural worth, the local meals, the communities or only by looking around. The guest visits only an area that can be easily get around by foot or an easily operable rolling means of transport (bicycle, segway, roller), since the way to go does not mean the device, to get somewhere but the way itself is the aim and it makes a part of the adventure.

There are numerous tiny wonders in the region of Lenti and Moravske Toplice, which can be sustainably utilized for the purpose of tourism, although they were unutilized so far and connection of these tiny wonders was missing. The project wishes to fill these elements with content, we wish to develop new touristic packages based on these small wonders, flowers and gardens, the spiritual values (energies), as the local features and to expand the present offer. There has not been any touristic cooperation between Lenti and Moravske Toplice so far, although both of the settlements have important touristic potential in themselves.