Energy parks, – points

Energy parks, – points

LENTI - Saint George Energy Park

The real curiosity within Lenti Thermal Spa is Saint George Energy Park.
The park lies at the meeting point of such energy lines with beneficial effects that make our Thermal Spa unique in Europe. While staying at us, take a walk in our Energy Park and let yourself be pampered by its beneficial effects! The climate of the region, the medicinal waters of our Spa and the special energy of this place help the relaxation, the replenishment and the physical and spiritual renewal so much.

The so-called Saint George lines (that type of earth radiations) were called ‘dragon streams’ in oriental cultures and sites with such radiations were revered as sacred places. Earth radiations were discovered in the territory of Lenti Thermal Spa in 2002, and there are more crossing points in this area, too, which all are parts of the Earth’s energy network. According to non-medical practitioners of bio energy, each and every illness is a consequence of an energy-defective state. Radiations in the Energy Park can restore these energy-defective states. The energy radiation here harmonizes the flow of energy throughout our bodies and triggers positive processes that can restore the physical and mental balance. You should spend 1-2 hours at a time in Saint George Energy Park, where the paved parts show the directions of the Saint George lines; in addition, ‘columns’ or ‘posts’ indicate the meeting points of the lines, Earth radiations are the most powerful at those points. It is recommended to spend up to 20-30 minutes at these meeting points. This period of time can be combined with relaxation, a short walk or some exercises.

Energy park – Márokföld

Edith Leclerc has 40 years of experience in natural energy. She studied at the Paracelsus academy and is now a consultant and metaphysical teacher. In the winter of 2010 she explored Márokföld to find possible energy points and sources. Finding energy points here was likely as the Velemér – Márokföld – Szenterzsébet and the Toplice (Thermal bath) – Lenti (Thermal bath; Szent György Energy park) – Márokföld – Szenterzsébet energy lines intersect here, making the the village and its surroundings rich in energy points. Edith Leclerc found 25 energy points during her research. She then finalized these energy points with a group of professionals with vast experience.

Energy Park

In the one hectare area by the village house the locals created a walking path with 24+1 energy points. Every energy point has a few words of wisdom and information to those who are open to spiritual growth during a walk.

What is an energy park?

There are radiating vibrations found in the earth in certain locations. Most of these have healing properties and are remedial for certain illnesses because of their vibrations. These vibrations can be felt, measured and marked.

What is the Earth’s healing powers good for?

The human body works like a battery and if a person is tired, fatigued or sick then they must recharge that battery. The earth’s energy is perfect for this purpose as it can strengthen the immune system or treat sick body parts.

What do you have to do in an energy park?

For the walk you should wear comfortable clothing suitable for the weather. Forget your everyday troubles and worries and focus inward on the body part you wish to heal. Stress and fatigue will slowly fade. Enjoy the feeling of being unburdened and take in the local scenery and plant life. Focus on the sound and smells of nature and its wildlife. Wonderful isn’t it? And we humans tend to forget about it. When was the last time you looked up at the stars?

What do you have to do at the energy points?

Nothing in particular, if you want you can sit down but you can recharge yourself standing up as well. Think of the body part you wish to heal. Do not cross your arms and legs so that the energy can flow freely. Breathe easy. Don’t ruminate but instead think of something nice. Spend as much time at each point as you need, you will be able to tell after 10-20 minutes whether the energy point is relaxing or not. During this recharging period the energy blocks are released and the energy flows freely. During meditation some people gather strength while some people become sleepy. Don’t worry your body knows what it needs.

Use the park at your own risk. The energizing properties of the park should be used more than once.


 Lake of Bakónak is a reservoir located south of Bukovnica in the southeastern part of Goričko. This artificial lake, with an average depth of 2-3 m and a maximum depth of up to 8 m, was created as a flood protection measure with regulatory works along the Ledava River and its tributaries. Its area is approx. 7 ha.
Lake Bakónaki is a very popular place for relaxation, socializing, fishing, adrenaline or walking.
In the middle of the forest surrounding the lake stands the Chapel of St. Vid. Legends speak of the fabulous power of a source. Feel the energy near you.
In 2001, scientists explored the area and, to their surprise, found more than 50 energy points. It was found that there were two “transmission lines” in the area, also known as dragon lines, which intersect exactly where the chapel stands.
The 26 energy points were precisely marked and the purpose of the treatment and the time spent at the point of action were determined.
At the entrance to the Bakónaki Lake area, the visitor is given directions to energy points and directions. Relax and enjoy the embrace of untouched nature. Take a walk and enjoy the beauty of Goričko.


An idyllic image of a quiet, peaceful village in which the legacy of the past blends into a whole that is harmonious with the modern, urban environment. The patron saint of Kobilje is St. Martin.
In his honor, the locals built a beautiful church. The church is located in the middle of the village and has the largest breast diameter in Slovenia.

There is a vineyard paradise on the surrounding hills.

In 2002, a geomantic survey of two energy spaces was conducted on St. Martin’s Hill. Energy lines and healing points were determined in the upper forest. A field study revealed a 120 m wide power line with cosmic concentric radiation. In addition, two additional energy areas have been identified in which healing points are located.
26 healing points have been discovered in the upper part of the forest, and St. Martin has 22 healing points. In addition to the healing vibrations, vital energy of energy value can be found at every point. St. Martin’s European Cultural Route also crossed St. Martin’s Hill in Kobilje. The journey of Martin Toursky and Jacob.


Lukacevci is a village near Moravske Toplice. Next to Lukavecci is the former gravel mine, the entry point to the GardEN Energia path. The point is indicated by the fire element.
With the establishment of the garden entry point, the lake area became a venue for meditation, yoga, chi-gong, recreation, relaxation, fishing and other activities.