Energy road

Energy road

The GardEn Energy route


The four elements route of the GardEN Energy route is made up of earth energy sources and energy lines. Along the GardEN energy lines you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the four energy parks which are marked with signs to aid visitors. The route goes around in a circle and is made up of four elements in four energy parks. These are the Lake Bukonivsko, The Saint Martin hill in Kobilje, Márokföld and Saint George’s park in Lenti.


There are two energy lines located here (dragon lines) that intersect at the Saint Vid Chapel. There are 50 strong energy points found in a 450 meter diameter area of which 26 are marked according to what treatment they perform and the recommended length of stay. Some may feel a warmness or a tingling sensation even after spending a short time at an energy point.


The geomantic inspection of energy field found at Saint Martin’s Hill occurred in September 2002. A 120 meter wide 25.000 B intensity energy line a 120 degrees from the northern point was discovered that also emitted cosmic concentric energies. At the intersection the energy is 70.000 B. Two additional healing energy areas were discovered the first of which is in the upper forest area containing 22 energy points and also the Saint Martin region that has 26. Aside from the healing energy, the presence of vitality energy has also been observed at all points.


Located on the other side of the border this little Hungarian village offers a wide range of experiences with its parks and activities. Locations include the Márokföld Energy Park, the Lavender Garden, Fairy Garden, ,,Sökfa” Cemetery Memorial Park, skirted belfry reminiscent of the region, the village museum, ,,ÁrTjáró” nature artpark, Yurt camp and adventure park.
Edith Leclerc metaphysical researcher explored Márokföld during the winter of 2010 and recorded possible energy points. She then finalized these points with the help of test groups, natural healers and professionals with significant experience in energy works and then created a route containing 25 energy points. Each point has a few words of wisdom to those open to sensing the energies of the earth. With soul and body in harmony the visitors may walk along the path. The energy park is in harmony with nature as the earth emits healing vibrations that serve to treat and lessen different symptoms.


Saint George’s energy park is found at the thermal baths where the energy lines from Lake Bukonivsko, Márokföld and Kobilje meet. The dragon lines as well as the Elizabeth and Atilla lines meet at the centre of the thermal bath. The energy park has descriptions, designated paths, sitting areas and poles that can be leaned on during meditation. The Saint George’s energy park is a part of the thermal bath. The intersecting energy lines have a positive effect on the body and aid sleep, relaxation as well as revitalise the body. These lines are called dragon lines in eastern culture and where revered in ancient times and often shrines, sacral buildings and memorials where built here. Stonehenge, Lourdes, Fatima, Machu Pichu, the Egyptian Pyramids and Arpad era churches are all located along these lines. It is advisable to spend one or two hours during each visit at Saint George’s energy park.