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Our health resort is Lenti Public Health Tourism Foundation

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Lenti is situated in the valley of the Kerka River in the south-western corner of Hungary, near the border with Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. The area is at the meeting point of three ethnographical regions – Örség, Göcsej and Hetés. The almost 800-year-old town of Lenti, with a population of 8,700, is in the centre of the area.


The town is next to the M7 motorway that leads to the Adriatic Sea. Lenti is located 75 km from Lake Balaton, 250 km from Budapest – 230 km of which is motorway –, 210 km from Vienna and 120 km from Zagreb.


Tourism plays an important role in the town’s life. The Lenti Thermal Bath and St George Energy Park (Lenti Termálfürdõ és Szent György Energia Park) are to be found in an 8-hectare (about 20 acres) green area where 5 outdoor and 4 indoor pools welcome visitors. The water is 40,000 years old, and is well known all over Europe for its medical qualities – and particularly for its being an excellent remedy for locomotor diseases.


The effect of the medicinal water is further enhanced by the beneficial medicinal radiations in the area of the St George Energy Park.


The oldest historic monument of the town is St Michael’s Roman Catholic Church built in the 13th Century, which was remodelled as the magnificent baroque-style building as we see it today by the Esterházy family in the late 17th Century. The frescoes of the church were painted by István Dorfmeister and his sons.


Visitors are equally attracted by the cultural heritage, the clean air, the woods surrounding the town and the pristine natural environment. The bicycle routes, walking paths and horse riding facilities provide excellent opportunities for those who prefer active recreation. Apart from these attractions there are countless other features of the area to please the visitor.

Our health resort Lenti Health Touristic Foundation

The foundation was created by the Town Self-government of Lenti in 2003. Its tasks include provision of information about the touristic offers of the regions for the domestic and foreign tourists visiting Lenti. It continuously provides data for the Hungarian Touristic Agency running professional supervision and operating the national touristic data base about the touristic undertakings and attractions belonging to its agglomeration. It undertakes role in introducing the healing effects and values of the thermal water serving for health preservation, thus promoting local activity and development of health tourism.  It cooperates in the preparation of the multi-language catalogues showing tourism based on thermal water, whose distribution is performed at several domestic and foreign exhibitions as well as the own information office and the office network of the partners. It keeps permanent contact with the Self-government of Lenti town, with the professional organizations and the touristic service providers of the region.

The tourinform office working within the frameworks of the foundation was opened on 6th May, 1998 for the visitors.

The tasks of the office:

  • Provision of up-to-date and comprehensive information without competition for the domestic and the foreign tourists about the touristic sights, undertakings, programs and possibilities and of the field of operation of the office.
  • Introduction and distribution of the national publications of the Hungarian Tourist Agency, of the publications issued by the regions and small regions in the field of operation of the office, as well as that of the own publications for those, who are interested.
  • Sending – out of turn for the Hungarian Tourist Agency – of the news, program offer, touristic offers and short description of the events related to the Tourinform programs and the field of operations published in the printed and electronic press.
  • Keeping continuous professional contact with the local touristic suppliers, entrepreneurs, different professional organizations and institutions.
  • Fulfilment of the local and small region tourist marketing tasks.
  • Monitoring of the tender invitations and organization of participation in tenders.
  • Coordination of the touristic development of the given region and revealing and considering of the touristic value of the given region.
  • Provision of support for the local touristic entrepreneurs in the establishment of good quality, easy-to-sell touristic products and in their domestic/international sales.
  • Active participation in the establishment, expansion of the domestic and foreign relations of the area and utilization of the same for the development of local tourism.
  • Initiatives and coordination in the creation and organization of local programs and events.
  • Fulfilling local representation of the tourists and providing assistance for the tourists in trouble.
  • It participates in receiving of the professional delegations and of the media representatives, as well as in the organization and execution of their programs
  • Data collection, data supply and updating

From the program offer:

  • seasonal sightseeing tours free of charge;
  • organized walking and cycling tours with qualified guides in Lenti and the  in the region.

Moravske Toplice

Moravske Toplice village is a self-governmental local community which independently performs arrangement of the local public affairs as per the charter.  The self-government is having thematic proficiency and experience for the implementation of the project in the following important fields:
– establishment of the conditions of economic development;
– provision of support and stimulation for the educational, training, health care activities and social services;
– stimulation of research, of cultural and association activities, development of sports and recreation;
– caring for nature protection (by taking the required measures for the protection of the environment);
– control, construction and maintenance of traffic communication and local infrastructure;
– provision support and stimulation for the touristic activities;
– management of the worn environment and lands.
The employees of the self-government have wide-ranging professionalism in the different fields being important for successful and smooth implementation of the project- The persons actively participating in the project and those working in the project group have the appropriate experience in the management and implementation of cross-border projects.

TIC Moravske Toplice

TIC Moravske Toplice

Their main activity is to promote and market the tourist services in Moravske Toplice and its surroundings, as well as informing the Slovenian and other visitors about the local tourist events.


Other activities:

Coordination and organization of tourist events

Sales of travel guides and local arts and crafts products

Preparation and implementation of projects designed for tourism development

Joint advertising of the Pomurje region at international tourism fairs

Booking services for private accommodation providers

For advertising purposes, TIC Moravske Toplice uses its own trademark of “Moravske Toplice”, which represents tourist attractions in Moravske Toplice and its surroundings, with a special emphasis on the rich cultural and natural heritage.


Tourist information

TIC Moravske Toplice

Kranjčeva 3, SI – 9226 Moravske Toplice

T: +386 (0)2 538 15 20

F: +386 (0)2 538 15 22

M: +386 (0)40 829 870


Opening times

MO – FR: 8.00 – 18.00
SA: 7.00 – 15.00
SU and holidays: 8.00 – 14.00

Summer opening times

MO – FR: 8.00 – 20.00